Treklite Orienteering Equipment...

Protects you while you run through the woods!

Treklite Orienteering Equipment is designed to offer various levels of protection while staying as light and cool as possible and offering unrestricted motion.  These products can have a long life (for orienteering clothing) with very little care.

Gaiters :Protecting your lower legs

Knickers : Protective pants

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Care of your Treklite Products

Wash in cool water and air dry without heat. Never dry clean, bleach or iron. Treklite products are made of nylon, urethane coated nylon, polyethylene foam, and polyester materials.

After repeated use and washings the coating on the pack cloth may begin to wear around the edges and some fraying of the fabric may occur. To halt or prevent fraying singe the edges with heat. (A soldering iron or a nail heated over a stove and held with a pliers works well.)

The light weight 70 denier nylon fabric is hot cut, so the edges should never fray. If however the fabric is torn, the torn edges should be singed to prevent the hole from getting larger, (this should be done before the next washing.) then a patch may be sewn on if you choose. Patching scraps are always available without charge.

2008 Retail price list

ThornGaiters $43.00
Wind Gaiters $43.00
Light Gaiters $43.00
ThornKnickers $45.00
"O" Duffel Bag $30.00
Square "O" Bag $20.00
extra foam shin inserts $0.50

Treklite is primarily a wholesale manufacturer.  Our dealers stock these products, and can give you better service.

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