Welcome to the Neuse River Regional Park

Waterlevel view

down the NeuseRaleigh North Carolina, USA

The objective of this park is to preserve the environment and provide recreation along the Neuse river corridor as it runs through Raleigh. This will be done by protecting the flood plain and wetlands, and creating a string of parks connected by a greenway and surrounded by a parkway.

Neuse River Corridor Comprehensive Recreation Master Plan

Executive Summary Beach along the river Northern section of the project

Background Information
Canoe in early spring

Neuse River Corridor Master Plan
View down a narrow section of the river

Anderson Point Master Plan

Milburnie Park
Map of Milburnie Park

Corridor Master Plan between Milburnie and Anderson PointMap of complete project (too

small to see)

Reference and Bibliography


Complete Table of Contents (not  internally linked, for reference only)

Links to information about  the Neuse River, River Parks, and Greenways.

Army Corps of Engineers reports on the Neuse River Basin and the Falls Lake Dam  Lots of specific information about flow rates, river height, and flood control.

Knoxville's Waterfront Development along the Tennessee River.  In 1988, a 50-member Waterfront Task Force was established to study and develop recommendations for the protection, enhancement, and development of the seven-mile stretch of the Tennessee River between the Forks of the River and the J.E."Buck" Karnes Bridge.

Environmental Organizations On-Line  This is a comprehensive listing of environmental organizations on the Internet. "Environmental" is defined as everything that surrounds us, so you will find many non-traditional organizations  working to create a better life for humans and the planet.

International Rivers Network  The IRN web site is a global resource for all people who share our concern for preserving and restoring the world's rivers and riverine communities. The site is designed to provide an easily accessible overview of our organization, our work and the resources we have available.

This site is still under construction.  We will be adding maps that are big enough to read, pictures linked to the maps, and links to more stuff about the Neuse and other river parks.  Check back from time to time.

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